Improve learning experiences with Moodle LMS and Synergy Learning

If you’re looking for a flexible platform, Moodle LMS is the perfect way to educate, monitor and support your learners.

Moodle LMS sets itself apart with its flexibility, affordability and open-source nature. This enables the deployment and tracking of various learning activities, as well as providing a suite of assessment and collaboration tools.

Create courses, manage enrolment, track the performance of each learner and build learning communities — all within your own, customised Moodle LMS platform, designed and supported by us to perfectly match your requirements.

With our years of experience and partner status you can be sure to receive the highest level of support, knowledge and service with your platform.

We are proud to have held Moodle partner status since 2005 and consider ourselves an active community member, always willing to contribute our expert resources and developments to the Moodle community. This ensures that Moodle continues it’s development and remains as the leading open-source learning platform.

How Moodle LMS will
empower your organisation

Extraordinary versatility

Moodle LMS is so flexible that you’ll have a course management system that does exactly what you need it to do. Your platform will align with your brand guidelines, meet your learners’ needs and enhance your course content.

Monitor learners more closely

Which learners are struggling? Who’s completed their most recent activity? How far has each learner progressed in the course? Moodle gives you the insight you need to support different types of learners.

Prevent fails

Moodle’s powerful analytics will help you to identify which learners are at risk of failing the course. Make a timely intervention before it’s too late.

Create a community

Support your learners by providing private or group messaging, team activities and other collaborative experiences within your Moodle platform.

Incorporate other platforms

Give learners all the information they need in one place by integrating Moodle with your other systems. Connect your platform to Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, other platforms and internal systems.

Any device, anywhere

Learners and administrators can use your responsive LMS on the device that best suits them or take advantage of the native app, included as standard for all customers who also have managed hosting.. With the app’s offline sync, your users won’t even need an internet connection.

Engaging e-learning experiences

With a learning management system that’s easy-to-use, tailored to your requirements and focused on your users, engagement increases among learners and administrators.

Services we can help with

Bespoke Development

You shouldn’t have to bend your organisation to fit the technology, that’s where we come in.If it’s creating a specific feature your unique needs or integrating with other systems, we are here to help extend your ecosystem, not create a separate one.

UX Design

Let’s make it as easy as possible for your learners to get the information they need. We’ll design simple, engaging journeys around your learning platform. Expect great design that also encapsulates your brand.

Managed Hosting

We provide a fully managed service with 99.9% uptime, ensuring your site is available 24/7. We take the worry out of hosting, allowing you to focus on what’s most important for your users.

Application Support

Stuck on a specific issue? Want a second opinion in troubleshooting? Make us the point of contact for your administrators when they need support the most. We’ll promptly tackle queries of all sizes to keep your learners learning.

Consultancy & Training

Everyone aspires to provide effective, efficient and engaging online learning, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.. We can help you map out and implement your platform to get maximum results with minimal effort from you.

Learning Content

We’ll work with you to source and provide the best e-learning content for your learners. Save money with access to content marketplaces so you can offer a variety of content topics and provide learning as quickly as possible.

Get the Moodle platform you need 

Starting out with Moodle is a bit like entering the education system: even a child can learn to do the basics… but there’s a world of possibilities once you’ve built your knowledge and experience.

That’s why it’s a good idea to work with an award-winning Moodle partner, like Synergy Learning. So, why choose us?

Lessons learned

We’ve been creating learning management systems since 2005. Over the years, we’ve built a great deal of knowledge about how to create experiences that excite learners. We’ll bring that know-how to your project.

Moodle mastery

We’ve been a Moodle Certified Services Provider since 2005. We were named Moodle’s EMEA Partner of the Year in 2019. That alone is not a reason to choose us, but it demonstrates our knowledge of and commitment to the Moodle platform, and that we’re recognised as a leading Moodle partner.


 We’re focused on the outcomes that matter. We’ll take an in-depth look at how your organisation operates to develop a learning management system that delivers the results you need.


For every learner

 Using a combination of Moodle’s in-built accessibility checkers and our own adherence to accessible design standards, we’ll help you to create online courses that are available to all of your learners.

Designed for you

We put in place the technology to deliver the LMS you need. We’ll scour the best community-created plugins, deploy our own products or create bespoke plugins to ensure the platform works exactly as you want it to.

Engage your learners

We design mobile-first, intuitive journeys around Moodle, so that your learners will stay engaged in the learning process throughout and on any device.

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