Achieving a 600% increase in user engagement for ACCA.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global professional body for accounting. It has a network of 104 offices operating in 52 countries. 

ACCA works with 323 approved learning partners and more than 7,300 approved employers, who provide professional development for accountants worldwide.

We’ve been working with ACCA since 2008, developing four different platforms that are currently used by the organisation. Each platform is targeted at a defined purpose and user group. In our most recent project, we were tasked with providing an improved, consistent and engaging user experience through the ACCA Education Hub.

The Education Hub delivers a toolkit and resources to support ACCA tutors and learning partners as they train people to become accountants.  ACCA was keen to increase usage of the site among this target audience and encourage return logins.

It also wanted to be able to be able to guide tutors and learning partners on their journey round the site; prioritising important resources to help learners find and retain critical information. 

Simple, clean UX design.

With ACCA’s goal of showcasing important resources to help users to retain key information in mind, we developed a bespoke theme using Moodle LMS with a clean, positive and community-driven design. The theme is customised with ACCA’s branding in a design that complements the other platforms we have designed.

Each learner is greeted by a selection of custom objects on the landing page. These are tailored to the user based on who they are and their previous activity on the site. Users can easily access all the areas of the site they need. We’ve removed unnecessary options to deliver a simpler user experience and cleaner design.

We introduced a new personalised dashboard, including a bookmarking feature so that learners can bookmark activities and resources. We’ve added a global search function, so that users can easily search all of the content on the site to find what they need.

The Education Hub is integrated with other elements of the ACCA ecosystem, which includes a membership platform, content management portal, payment gateway and internal databases, so that information is shared between all the platforms and a unified experience delivered.

Keeping users coming back for more learning.

User uptake and return logins to the Education Hub have increased 600% since we improved its design and user experience.

We’ve delivered a more personalised and simplified experience, which makes it easier for learners to find and return to the educational content that’s most important to them.

By stripping back unnecessary clutter and increasing the prominence of important information, we’ve helped ACCA to achieve its aim of getting key content to a more engaged audience.

“I have enjoyed working with Synergy Learning for a number of years. They are creative and accommodating, and provide an excellent service from the initial design stages through to ongoing support and expertise post-delivery.”

Richard Baillie | Customer Experience Lead

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