Flexible Open Source Learning
The World’s leading learning platform, bringing learners together. Moodle is the leading open source platform used by millions of organisations, across the world for elearning.

Available standalone or integrated with existing systems, Moodle provides trainers, administrators and learners with the best online training tools to manage and promote learning in a private, controlled environment.

Moodle sets itself apart with it’s ease of use, flexibility, affordability and open-source nature, enabling the deployment and tracking of various learning activities, as well as providing a suite of assessment and collaborative activities.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to building your learning with Moodle. This means it can be built specifically around you and your learners’ needs.

We have implemented Moodle for many years and became an authorised Moodle Partner back in 2005. With our extensive knowledge and passion for this platform you can be confident that you have found the perfect elearning partner to show you how to Moodle.

By selecting to work with Synergy Learning, you support the Moodle community. With our partner status you can also be sure to receive the highest level of support, knowledge and service with your Moodle platform.

We are proud to have held Moodle partner status since 2005 and consider ourselves an active community member, always willing to contribute our expert resources and developments to the Moodle community. This ensures that Moodle continues it’s development and remains as the leading, free, open-source learning platform.

Benefits of Moodle

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    Flexible & Open-Source

    Moodle has an extensive plugin directory, which allows users to match leading systems at a fraction of the cost and enjoy the best value for money.

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    With the largest open-source community worldwide, you benefit from a team of global developers and Moodle enthusiasts.

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    Quick Set Up

    With a fast, simple and scalable Moodle deployment, we reduce your IT operating costs so you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

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    Multimedia Interactivity

    Embed video, audio and interactions into your courses to keep learners engaged by means of multiple learning stimuli.

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    Automated Reporting

    Lighten your workload by automating marking and tracking learner’s progress.

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    Gamify Learning

    Badges are a simple yet very effective way of accrediting and gamifying learning. Moodle allows you to award badges against a number of criteria.


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