Moodle Hosting

Our expert technicians fully manage the hosting of your Moodle, ensuring your site is available 24/7.

We know Moodle and we know hosting but what’s important for us to know is all about you, your users and their requirements. This will enable us to provide you with the most suitable hosting package and the best service.

We wholly own and manage our own hosting platform in-house, meaning you can have peace of mind, that your site is being hosted in good hands. What’s more, our hosting platform has been built specifically for Moodle and is optimised to run the platform in the most secure and efficient manner.


Hosting Options

Cloud Hosting

Synergy Learning Cloud Hosting is an extremely secure and versatile cloud platform. It provides organisations of all sizes with an alternative to Dedicated or Bespoke hosting, reducing the cost, complexity and taking care of security.

Dedicated Servers

Advanced or bespoke requirements? For larger organisations or for those with greater bandwidth and storage needs, we offer dedicated server hosting solutions. If you would like more information on our dedicated Moodle hosting service please get in touch to discuss your requirements with one of our hosting experts. Have more specific requirements that need a more tailored hosting solution?

Bespoke Hosting

If your project has special requirements, such as a thirst for disk space, or an appetite for RAM, our bespoke hosting solution will provide the option you’re looking for. We fit the server to your needs, not the other way around, so we’re completely flexible on specification to suit your project.


  • 1GB Usable Space

Package suitable for;

  • Smaller sites/pilots
  • low amount of concurrent users
  • < 10 courses
  • < 100 registered learners

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  • 5GB Usable Space

Package suitable for;

  • Smaller organisations
  • low amount of concurrent users
  • < 25 courses
  • < 500 registered learners

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  • 10GB Usable Space
  • Free ‘refresh’ theme
  • Free setup

Package suitable for;

  • Medium sites – around 25 concurrent users
  • < 50 courses
  • < 1000 registered learners

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  • 20GB Usable Space
  • Free ‘refresh’ theme
  • Free setup

Package suitable for;

  • Larger sites
  • < 100 courses
  • < 2,000 registered learners

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