Personalise your learning
Mahara is an eportfolio which can be best described as a valuable learning and assessment tool. It is a collection of work illustrating efforts, progress, accomplishments and details future goals.

Learners have a central log of their learning, it also gives them the ability to reflect on their own learning while simultaneously allowing teachers and staff to review work and provide feedback.

It can be used by learners, trainers & professionals who wish to:

  • collect work guided by learning objectives
  • record continuing personal development
  • display and showcase best work
  • assess/monitor and evaluate student or employee learning

All content is stored in an online space, where users can collect, organise & display artefacts. Benefits include ‘critical diaries’ where learners can reflect on what they have learnt and give their thoughts and feelings in real time.

Content and layout can be personalised to create multiple Views which meet the specific, differing or changing requirements of the user. This ties in with one of the key tenets of personalised learning, that students become key partners in the design of learning to suit their needs.


Benefits of Mahara

  • Personalised Learning

    The eportfolio system allows users to stay informed and take an active role in their own learning.

  • Supports multiple languages

    Language packs allow users to store content pages in other languages for international information sharing.

  • Flexible Features

    Use with Moodle, Totara and other learning and training platforms Mahara offers a high degree of standard compliance.

  • Multi-institutional

    There is no limit to the number of institutions that can use and access Mahara. This enables everyone to share information and collaborate if they wish.

  • Online Repository

    Mahara includes a file repository where users can manage their own workload in their own time, which allows them to take control of their own learning.

  • Supports Plugins

    Mahara has a flexible ‘pluggable’ architecture, which allows users to customise the platform. For example, they can add their own artefacts and blocks for views.


Collect and reflect on your effort, progress, accomplishments and future goals.


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