We create engaging learning experiences for education. Education is essential but whether it’s undertaken in the traditional classroom model, is not. elearning opens up a world of learning opportunities which can be adapted to suit individual needs.

So whether you need to create a more enriching learning experience for your students, find a way to improve productivity and efficiency or encourage collaboration between students, faculties or departments, eLearning is the solution. What’s more, we have just launched our education bundles which have been put together especially for you.

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Lessons taking up most of your time? Our reliable hosting and support service, gives you 24/7 access to your VLE, meaning you can log in anytime, anywhere.

Hosting Experts

Our hosting engineers have years of experience racked up. You can be safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing.

Award Winning design

Our designers are committed to making your site look top class, and with a huge choice of around 150 configurable options, there’s loads we can do!


Whether you are new to elearning or further ahead in your journey, our packages are flexible enough to cater for all requirements.

Expert Support

Our team are top of the class for Totara, Moodle & Mahara support. So ask us anything, we’ll have the right answers!


No matter what your set up is we have a solution for you. We have designed, hosted and supported everything from primary schools to international universities.


Primary school is the main starting point of an individual’s educational journey.

Start that journey off on a positive note with an eLearning solution that will engage and inspire  your pupils from an early age. Using a range of interactive learning tools; quizzes, games, videos, our eLearning solutions will have your pupils wanting to learn more.

Our eLearning solutions encompass the needs of everyone involved in elearning.

So whether you’re an educator wanting to extend thinking & knowledge of your students, an administrator looking to improve communication between departments or a student requiring learning opportunities outside of the classroom, we can help.

Further & Higher Education
Students now know how they learn best and require the tools to be able to do so.

With a diverse range of students, comes a diverse range of learning styles. We can create a solution that will cater for all types of learning needs, providing the tools that give you and your students the flexibility to create a learning environment that works for you.



Create courses that meet individual learning needs.