About Flight Pro

Our client, an independent consultant involved in the Brazilian Aviation industry needed to create an identity, a brand and most importantly of all, an eLearning platform that could provide sophisticated training for their pilots.

With hugely demanding, flight schedules, time is precious in this industry meaning there were specific requirements that this platform had to deliver for our client; distance learning, on demand access to training, the ability to deliver engaging & interactive content. A further key requirement was the workflow of the program. Each module access had to be dependent upon the completion of the previous module.

Our client needed an eLearning company to not only assist them with these pre-defined requirements but also to provide a range of services including; hosting, branding, design and training.

Moodle and Synergy Learning together was the obvious solution.

Flight Pro

Flight Pro

What we did 

 We helped the brazilian aviation industry reaches new heights with distance learning, here’s how:

  • Creation of corporate brand identity – “Flightpro”
  • Customised homepage design
  • Course page template
  • Responsive layout
  • Interactive homepage slider
  • Content development

What they said

Quote  It was and is a pleasure to work with Synergy Learning. Their customer assistance is the best I have seen. Also, Moodle continues to positively surprise me, with even more resources than I thought was possible and an interface very easy to manage, especially with such a highly skilled and professional team always available and willing to help.  Quote

Lucas Bagatini – Flight Pro


Flight Pro


Partner Hires


  • Visually appealing and relevant brand identity
  • Transformation of long technical documents into engaging, digestible content using a range of engaging tools; teaser questions & quizzes.
  • Mobile/distance learning capability- The pilot’s have the flexibility to learn wherever they are currently stationed, at whatever time, on a range of devices. This leads to…
  • Improved work/life balance for the pilots – less time spent inside a classroom, in long intensive training sessions.
  • Cost and time efficiencies – as the need for physical, classroom training is no longer the only option.
  • Platform provides the ability to monitor and report on students’ progress to provide detailed feedback of each lesson.

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