World of Learning Insights

Last we we attended The World of Learning event held at the Birmingham NEC, although this time we were on the other side of the trade show stand as we attended as delegates. This was an interesting event with some great seminars taking place.

 We thought we’d put together this blog to share some interesting learning and development facts and the main takeaways from the World of Learning show.



As we have mentioned in past blog articles, there is currently a huge shift in mindset around learning which is fuelled by digital transformation. At a seminar called, ‘Digital Learning Transformation we were presented with some astounding facts that only go to reinforce this theory:

  • In the workplace, employees now see learning and development as a perk and value it the same as remuneration 
  • Currently Employees typically only have 1% of their work week dedicated to learning which is inadequate for many employees needs
  • ‘On time learning’ such as video tutorials to find out how to complete a specific task is now commonplace. Check out our partners MicroLearn if you’d like to learn more about bite-sized video content
  • Employees now want to learn on the move, they want a sleek mobile experience - that’s why modern learning platforms must be mobile responsive
  • Elearning platforms should encourage learning - we don’t think of Netflix as a system - we go on when we want to consume information - we should view a learning management system like this.


With these things in mind, most companies need to take a fresh look at their elearning offering and make sure it reflects their employees needs. If you would like to find out how Marketing can help engage learners you can register to attend our upcoming webinar below. Alternatively you can contact Synergy Learning directly on 028 90 422000 or email