Why choose Open Source Technology?

Here at Synergy Learning, we are big fans of open source software. We believe it’s a fantastic solution for our clients, who benefit from an ever growing network of learning experts and software developers - This means that any modifications can be identified and developed by a global team.




There is often some scepticism about Open Source software, it can often be difficult for people to picture how everything works together to create a successful ecosystem. Totara Learn and Moodle bring together research teams, large partner networks and millions of platform users that ensure that each platform benefits everyone

Once you've experienced the freedom of open technology, it's hard to go back to proprietary learning software. This is because open platforms enable organisations of all sizes across sectors and markets to adapt faster when the world around them is changing so rapidly.

Our Partners Totara Learn outline one of the key benefits of Open Source below;

‘Whether it's another economic shock, a giant market-wide change requiring immediate compliance (like the introduction of GDPR across the EU in 2018) or simply a change in your organisation's structure, an open platform is the best way to ensure that you're ready for whatever the world has to throw at you and your business.’


Moodle founder Martin Dougiamas also reinforced his love for open source software in a recent question and answer session at Synergy Learning HQ;

‘I think being open from the beginning, I always had a strong feeling that Moodle should be open. I have an appreciation for how academics work and how they share new knowledge openly. That academic way of thinking is really what powers a lot of innovation we see around us in society. Making Moodle open allowed a lot of people to jump on board and use it for free but also to contribute back.’


Download Totara Learn’s brochure detailing the benefits of Open Source below or if you would like to know how we can help you pursue open source ambitions please get in touch by calling 028 90 42 2000 or email info@synergy-learning.com