Understanding learners expectations

Creating a learning platform and adding content is relatively easy in comparison to  achieving learner engagement. Getting learners to buy in to a learning culture is arguably one of  learning and development professionals most difficult challenges.

How do we overcome these challenges? Well, the short answer is by understanding learners expectations, but what does this involve?

The expectation of how we, as consumers, choose to consume media has changed drastically. At home we often choose to use sites to get snippets of information, so why is this overlooked when it comes to learning?

By thinking about our ‘at home’ habits and behaviours we can redefine our learning strategies. Here’s some modern methods that need to be considered when coming up with a learning strategy:

  • Video based solutions – using videos is a no brainer, think about how often you consult YouTube to learn a new skill
  • Bite-sized media/small snippets of information – learners no longer want to trawl through large chunks of text, they want straight to the point information
  • Instant access media – people no longer want to wait, if they can’t get the information they want from you instantly they will get it somewhere else
  • At the point of need information – we want to make accessing information as quickly and easily as possible
  • Online community – encouraging learners to interact with each other through forums is a great way of harnessing learning
student chart

The best way to engage learners is to make learning relevant, meet the modern workforces expectations. You must make sure that the content is timely and relates to their job role.

Understanding what learners want is only a small part of creating and effective learning strategy. In our most recent webinar we partnered with MicroLearn to look at how modern content can help improve the learner experience. Check out the full recording here.

If you would like to explore learner engagement further please contact our expert team on 028 90 42000 or email info@synergy-learning.com

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