Four key benefits of Totara Learn

With the new release of Totara Learn schedule for the end of November we thought we would put together a blog post looking at some of the current benefits of Totara Learn. Totara Learn is now used by over ten million users worldwide, so what appeals to so many learners?



Key Benefits

1. Engaged Learners

Torara Learn allows users to quickly and easily access course content ensuring maximum user engagement. Videos, SCORM packages, PDFs, assessments and more are easily accessible and can be used alongside instructor led learning to create a powerful blended learning experience.

2. Knowledge Sharing

With Totara Learn, learners can engage in informal learning through wiki pages, chat functions and forums. This allows users to collaboratively share learning experiences and self curate the best learning programmes for future learners.

3. Open Source Platform

Totara Learn brings with it the benefits of Open Source technology to learning. You benefit from access to the source code and no licence fees.

4. Innovation Network

Synergy Learning are one of Totara Learn’s partners meaning you not only get the benefits of the Totara Learn platform, you also benefit from our wealth of expertise working with a wide range of clients across multiple industries.

With Totara Learn’s new release imminent we will be hosting a webinar exploring the latest features and what hey mean for the end users. You can sign up to our webinar list here or alternatively you can get in touch with our expert team directly be emailing info@synergy-learning or calling 028 90 42 2000.



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