Totara Learn 12 is here!

Great news, Totara Learn 12 here!

Totara Learn 12 brings with it a host of new features and functionality to improve the learning and administrative experience. Many of the new features add further power and ease of use, with a fantastic range of appearance options for the flexible, customisable platform that Totara users have come to expect.

Totara_learn (2)

Some of the key new improvements include:

  • Course catalogue improvements to make it easier for users to browse, filter or search for courses
  • Featured links block updates with custom images associated with each course, program and certification
  • Top and bottom block regions for more visually appealing graphic-based navigation
  • Redesign of the top navigation area (previously the main menu), including third-level navigation and moving the site logo, language selector, messages and alerts to the navigation bar
  • A streamlined front page, including a condensed and improved display of course lists, course search and announcements
  • New ‘Add block’ workflow
  • New block regions and appearance options
  • Relocated and configurable admin menu, with groupings of tasks and options created and named as required for easier learning administration
  • Ability to restrict access based on time since completing (or not completing) another activity to stagger learners’ journeys
  • Default settings for HR Import, allowing for each HR Import element to have its own settings and scheduling
  • Content marketplace, enabling site administrators and content creators to create new courses or supplement existing courses with content imported from a content marketplace

Please take a moment to review the full release notes for more detailed information. You can also download a Totara Learn fact sheet below, also if you haven't already signed up we we will be running a webinars for you to see the new features in action and to ask any questions you may have - please register below!