The Moodle 3.6.1 Mobile App is here!

Great news, the Moodle 3.6.1 App is now available to download, and soon you’ll be able to get the Desktop app in the Windows and Mac App store. With greater access to content and tasks than ever and improved offline performance, the latest version of the Moodle Mobile App gives users even more learning flexibility – from any device.


So, what's new?
  • Access more course content. Moodle 3.6.1 App lets you view Personal blogs, Moodle Site blogs and Course blogs.
  • Don’t miss any detail: SCORM resources can now be displayed in full screen, especially useful for devices with smaller displays.
  • Get notified of all your important messages: push notifications from Chats and Forums take you straight into the conversation or item addressed in the notification, so no information gets lost along the way.
  • Increase participation with rating. The new Moodle App allows users to rate Forum messages, Glossaries and Database entries.
  • Stay up-to-date with all deadlines. Moodle's App Calendar now supports multiple and completely customisable alerts for an event, meaning that learners can be notified several times (for example, one month, two weeks and then again 24h) before an assignment is due.

You can read all the details and technical specs of Moodle 3.6.1 app in the release notes on

You can download the latest Moodle 3.6.1 App here and try it out for yourself. Get in touch if you would like more information about mobile learning.