18 November 2019

Matthew O'Connor

Marketing Manager

The latest Moodle version, Moodle 3.8, has arrived with a range of new features that will help learners and administrators.

The Moodle 3.8 release focuses on improvements requested by the Moodle community. It’s now easier to add multimedia content to courses; there are more learning analytics insights available; and improvements to the forum have been voted for and funded by the Moodle Users Association.

Let’s take a look at some of the key Moodle 3.8 features in more detail.


Better insight into your learners’ forum activity

Teachers and admins can easily assess student contributions to the forum from each learner’s posts. Different types of grading, including rubrics, are supported, while the grading panel can be collapsed to free up more screen space if needed. Forum discussions can be viewed in context and exported for reference and offline use.

The new forum summary report gives teachers valuable data on the forum activity of each student. This includes information on how many discussions they have started, how many replies they have sent, their most recent posts, a word count and character count, and other useful insights on their engagement.


Boost student engagement with interactive content

The Moodle 3.8 release includes the first stage of the Moodle and H5P integration. H5P is an open-source framework used to create quizzes, games, videos, drag and drop activities, and other interactive content to enhance learning experiences. Using the new H5P button in the Atto editor, teachers can embed or link to multimedia content in areas such as Pages, Books and Labels.


Increase course engagement with learning analytics insights

Among the other Moodle 3.8 new features are two new analytics insights to help teachers track engagement with their courses. They can now easily monitor and contact students who have not accessed the course recently or at all. This is extremely important to help re-engage learners with timely reminders before disengagement turns into a fail or a drop-out.


Use emojis for better communication ????????????????

With emoji support in Moodle 3.8, everyone can bring colourful ????, universal communication ???? symbols to their private messages ????️, as well as the Atto text editor ???? within Moodle courses. Simple, quick communication for teachers and learners. ????


Find the courses you need more easily

We’re particularly excited by this new feature (not least because it was partly developed by our team here at Synergy Learning). You can now search for your courses more easily on the dashboard, filtering them by course type or custom fields. For admins, automated course backups are now processed in a logical order with the option to exclude course files.


Get a free demo of Moodle 3.8

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If you’re an existing customer and would like to upgrade to Moodle 3.8, please contact your account manager to discuss the options for upgrading your Moodle platform.

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