Moodle 2.5 improvements - assignment resubmissions

Many courses allow students to resubmit assignments, either until a passing grade has been reached, or until a specified number of attempts have been made.

Before Moodle 2.5, the ways of doing this were limited to either repeated use of the ‘revert to draft’ feature of Moodle or setting up separate assignments for each resubmission. The first method would lose the student’s submission history, whilst the second scaled very badly when wanting three, four or more resubmissions and made it hard to trace the submission development through multiple assignments.

With Moodle 2.5 a new assignment resubmission feature has been developed, as a collaboration between Synergy Learning’s Davo Smith, Fernando Oliveira from and Damyon Wiese from Moodle HQ. This allows you to specify when attempts should be reopened (either manually by the teacher, or automatically if the passing grade has not been met) and the maximum number of attempts allowed.

When grading the assignment, the teacher now has an option to allow another attempt:

The student can then choose whether to start a new blank attempt, or to base their new attempt on their original submission:

As new submissions are added and graded the assignment history is built up. This history is displayed in a collapsible list to both the student (on the front page of the assignment) and the teacher (on the grading page):

This is just one more way in which Moodle 2.5 will make life easier for teachers with assignments to mark, as well as students who need to see all the feedback they have received for earlier submissions. It is also a great example of the power of open source collaboration to bring together developers with the end users wanting new features (if you are interested, you can see the whole story unfold on ).

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