Moodle Workplace - Frequently Asked Questions

 It’s now one month since Moodle Workplace was launched at Learning Technologies 2019 and as word gets out about new features, functionality and benefits of the platform our team have been fielding a range of questions.


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We’ve tried to answer some of those questions as succinctly as possible below:
Why do I need Moodle Workplace?

If you have organisational learning and development programs in your organisation and you want a full functionality learning management system (LMS) based on the most-used LMS in the world (Moodle) but fine tuned for organisational learning, Moodle Workplace may be ideal for you.

When can I get Moodle Workplace for my organisation?

You can start working with Synergy Learning today, as a Moodle Partner we are involved  with the development. You will be able to get Moodle Workplace from mid 2019. Register your interest below to receive more information.

Is Moodle Workplace open source?

Moodle Workplace is not being distributed in the same way as Moodle core. For now, Moodle Workplace is only available via Moodle Partners like us, this ensures that you get a high quality experience of Moodle Workplace.

How much is Moodle Workplace?

Moodle Workplace will be priced depending on services and your specific requirements, in this way it will be similar to core Moodle.

I am already using Moodle in my company, how can I move to Moodle Workplace?

An upgrade to Moodle Workplace from a standard Moodle will be straight forward. You can also use standard import and export functionality to move courses and content from your existing Moodle Site into Moodle Workplace.

Hopefully, you feel a little more knowledgeable about Moodle’s latest product. We will be running a webinar (Date TBC) that takes a deep dive in to some of these questions. You can register your interest in receiving the most up to date information about Moodle Workplace below, we’ll also contact you via email once our webinar date is confirmed.