22 October 2020

Kenny McCormack

Senior Solutions Architect

If you’re serious about developing your people, maybe you need a Talent Experience Platform (TXP) and not just a learning management system.

If a learning technology hasn’t got its own three-letter initialism is it even a learning technology?

While even the most ardent learning and development professional might roll their eyes at the prospect of another piece of industry jargon with which to familiarise themselves, we think it’s very much worth taking the time to get to know the Talent Experience Platform… or the TXP as you’ll call it to initially baffled colleagues.


What is a TXP?

A TXP includes an LMS (so you’re not trading in one set of three letters for another), but also performs a set of other functions.

If you think about your LMS, its basic function is to deliver your learning content to your learners. It is beneficial to your learners because it is a faster, easier, more convenient and more interactive way of training (and indirectly because it is easier for you to keep tabs on their progress) in comparison to what went before. But to a large extent, your learner is incidental: the recipient of the learning you want to deliver.

A TXP changes that. It makes learning and development more of a dialogue between you and your learners. It also gives greater consideration to the practicalities of learning for each of your learners and how it fits into their schedule alongside their regular workload.

So, the TXP is equipped with its catchy three-letter abbreviation, how about some buzzwords?

We could use words like holistic, collaborative and next generation, but really they only confuse matters. A TXP is about broadening your learning platform to put the learner at the centre of it. The result is that it has the potential to improve your training, develop your learners and help you to retain staff.


How does a TXP work?

Totara’s Talent Experience Platform combines its well-established LMS, Totara Learn, with two additional platforms.

Totara Engage is a learning experience platform (LXP – another three-letter initialism) that encourages your employees to share learning across the organisation and helps them to build bitesize chunks of learning into their working day. Learn more about Totara Engage.

Totara Perform is a performance management platform that gives you a range of tools with which to increase motivation and performance levels cross your team. Learn more about Totara Perform.

The result is a platform that, yes, delivers your learning content, but also better integrates that content within your team’s working day and helps you keep track of how your employees are performing in their roles.


Is it time to swap your LMS for a TXP?

It’s certainly a great time to make the switch and be among the first organisations to benefit from the newly launched Totara Experience Platform. As well as putting the latest learning technology at your disposal, you’ll also benefit from being among the first wave of businesses to offer these new platforms to their employees.

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