This is one of the most common questions we get asked, so our support team compiled a quick guide to help you.

The “tabs” can link to anywhere either within your Moodle site or even link externally, such as to a website. These “tabs” are called a Custom Menu and can also have drop down menus (or submenus). These Custom menus and sub dropdown menus could link to; a list of Courses on your site, a Library and Resource section, Support Services section, links to a Blog…the list is endless!

It’s really quite simple – you don’t even need any design skills. If you want to add a Custom Menu or drop down menus to the top of your front page then follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1 You will need to be logged in as Administrator.
  • Step 2 Navigate to Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme Settings and scroll down to the Custom Menu Items section.
  • Step 3 Enter one custom menu item per line into the field. Each custom menu item must contain, at least, two parts. The first is the label (the text), which is displayed to the users, and the second is the URL (the link) to point them towards. The two elements are separated by a vertical line, or “pipe”, formed by typing (Shift + ).
  • Step 4 To add sub-menus to the Custom Menu you can precede items by a number of hyphens (-), the number of hyphens determines the depth of the item. So items that are NOT preceded by a hyphen appear on the top level of the menu (always visible), items with a single hyphen appear on a drop down menu below the previous top level item, and items with two hyphens appear on a drop down menu below the previous first level item and so on.
  • Multilanguage support You can add a code (or a comma separated list of codes) to display a particular language, as another item of the line. The line will be then printed if and only if the user has currently selected the listed language. For example:

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