4 quick ways to improve elearning courses

Sometimes small changes make the biggest impact! Today we’ll run through five quick changes you can make to your elearning courses that won’t sap your elearning budget or take up too many hours.  

  1. Add links to online resources

A quick Google search can uncover some excellent resources but why not make it easier for learners by linking directly to these? Adding links to external articles, elearning videos, and other online resources is a great way to make your elearning course more interactive and useful.  You save yourself the time and expense of creating these online resources on your own. Make sure you credit the original creator by adding sources.

  1. Integrate case studies

Think about how you can create emotion around your learning platform, What is your learning platform going to do for the learner? How will it make them feel and what will it achieve? Often thinking about the bigger picture and how it can be applied to what the user is learning. Case studies are an excellent way of doing this, incorporate learning into a real life or workplace scenario - this will help the learner envisage how they can apply learning to everyday life.

  1. Add emotionally compelling content

Content that delights, excites and is relevant and applicable to the customer in a specific moment in time should always be the aim. As ever, putting the user first, recognising their needs, habits and preferences all adds to creating a positive experience and really elevates the product sell to a much deeper experience. Dd infographics, images or short videos especially when trying to communicate a complicated message.

  1. Add video conferencing

With video conferencing, trainers can bring experiences to life and communicate directly with the learner. It makes the online learning experience much less ‘remote’ and provides a ‘live’ access point to teachers and trainers. This is proven to increase learner engagement.

In our upcoming webinar, in association with BigBlueButton we will be exploring ‘how to engage students in virtual classes.' The BigBlueButton team will take attendees through four key factors to consider when creating engaging virtual classroom learning:

  1. Online tutoring/virtual office hours
  2. Flipped Classroom
  3. Student collaboration
  4. Full online classes

You can register to attend the webinar below or if you would like some more information in the meantime you can contact our expert team on info@synergy-learning.com or call 028 90 42 2000


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