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Greetin’s! Synergy Learning’s the name! Let’s get down to business.

Adapted from Nick Fury, Captain America

Totara LMS brings the benefits of open source learning to corporate enterprises, significantly reducing the cost of your learning management, with advanced functionality for workplace learning.

Totara LMS is a customised version of the Open Source Software Moodle, designed specifically to meet the eLearning needs of the business world. It includes a range of extensions to the Moodle software to support:

  • Manager and learner dashboards
  • Linking of learning objects with competencies
  • Individual development plans for learners
  • Ability for reviewing team progress
  • Flexible report builder
  • HR/ERP/CRM integration

Totara LMS includes a wide range of extensions to Moodle to support competency management, team management, classroom management and reporting. Find out more about why we love Totara LMS.

For a demonstration on how you could transform your learning and performance with Totara LMS, contact Synergy Learning today or for more information visit the Totara LMS website.


Why we heart-blue Totara LMS

Online training

Totara LMS allows you to build and deliver online learning. You can launch the Captivate, Articulate or Custom SCORM course your organisation already has from Totara LMS.

Blended learning

Tools like the Face-to-face activity and Training Calendar in Totara LMS allow courses to be built using a blended approach and learners to access all their learning in one location.

Manage performance

Totara LMS allows you to mirror your organisational structure and job positions and use this information for assigning learning plans and reporting on the results of your staff.

Manage Reporting

Totara LMS’s inbuilt Report Builder is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to build custom reports on users, course progress, and competency achievement across your business.


Totara LMS provides sophisticated assessment and reporting to ensure and track compliance in your organisation.

Social learning

Totara LMS provides a range of tools such as chat, wikis and forums to support informal and social learning, allowing your employees to collaboratively build a body of knowledge that everyone can benefit from.

Powerful, yet simple

A clean and easy to use interface, with a flexible theming framework to fully re-brand the system for your organisation.

Manage learning

Schedule, manage and report on classroom training and workshops using either self-service or manager approval for bookings.

Totara LMS Platinum Partner arrow Logo

Totara LMS Partner

Synergy Learning is a Platinum Totara LMS Partner and work closely with many global organisations.

We are proud to have held Platinum partner  status since 2011 and in that time have worked with many corporate businesses and charities to produce workplace learning platforms using Totara LMS.

With our partner status you can be sure to receive the highest level of support, knowledge and service with your Totara LMS platform.