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Custom Development

 I could create almost anything…

but a specialised tool works better at its specialist task.

Tony Stark, Iron Man

With over 10 years of eLearning development experience you can be sure that your project is in safe hands.

With a collection of some of the best creative and technical minds in the industry, our approach to any project is focused around the delivery of advanced functionality in combination with the right user experience.

It’s often the case that off the shelf products don’t meet your requirements, or you may be offered a totally bespoke solution that is over engineered and not cost effective. Our eLearning development team will never start a project without the full understanding of your goals and objectives, meaning their full focus can be on developing a winning platform for you.

If you would like some advice about your next project we would be really happy to talk through your requirements.


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why our development?

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    Custom solutions
    Tailor made for you. We develop then implement user friendly plugins and applications to meet your specific requirements and achieve maximum return on investment.
  • 02
    We strongly believe that all projects should be flexible and organic. Our development team will adjust and modify your solution based on feedback from user testing and focus groups.
  • 03
    Open source
    By using open source technology everyone wins. It provides high quality and secure software that allows for ease of integration and development at an accelerated pace and lower cost.
  • 04
    All of our development team are experienced in coding to required standards, practices and procedures.We also use our most experienced staff across all developments ensuring high quality code.
  • 05
    Quality assured
    Our process includes rigorous testing for functionality and usability. Our team have the necessary know-how to ensure every stage of your development process is completed on time and within budget.
  • 06
    Problem solving
    We pride ourselves in the ability to evaluate problems and offer the right solution. That can include out of the box functionality or bespoke development to meet your requirements.

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