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I am prepared to tell whatever you wish to know about eLearning

Adapted from Tony Stark, Ironman

Our consultants apply dedication and years of experience to help you plan and implement an effective eLearning strategy.

We provide the full range of consultancy services and support to assist in the delivery of projects with our supported platforms.

Our eLearning development team will never start a project without the full understanding of your goals and objectives, meaning their full focus is on developing a winning platform for you.

Succeeding in today’s environment requires people who learn quickly and flexibly to support their organisational and personal goals. With budgets reducing and demand for effective eLearning increasing, it’s essential to implement a cost-effective learning strategy that just works.

Wherever you are in the implementation of your learning strategy we can help.


We adopt a flexible approach through our consulting methodology.



Our strategic consulting service assesses your overall training requirements, content and assessments before agreeing the appropriate delivery method needed for your users.



We will design and develop the most effective solution. Over the years we have successfully designed and developed content covering a wide variety of topics.



Implementing your content within an innovative learning platform. Ensuring your users have ease of access with the modules available anytime, anywhere.



Track effectiveness of your content. Ensure that the learning outcomes are meeting your organisation’s needs, delivering the behavioural change identified and providing a return on investment.

Why consult with us?

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    We have an extensive team of eLearning and development consultants with real-world experience in designing and implementing effective eLearning content and platforms that deliver results.
  • 02
    New and emerging technologies, such as HTML5, now offer opportunities for real innovation. After 15 years we continue to develop technology and create innovative learning environments.
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    We work in close partnership with all of our clients to develop a strategic approach in the design and implementation of their eLearning solution.
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    Our goal is to achieve educational excellence in combination with innovative production. We take this ethos when we design, build and deliver for globally successful companies.
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    We worry about the technology so you don’t have to. Our team design and integrate the most effective learning system and handle the technical build and configuration for you.
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    We provide a variety of services and options for our supported platforms, including our advanced cloud based hosting solution. Take a look at our supported platforms and associated services.

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