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Custom Moodle Development

We have over 10 years experience developing premium eLearning solutions.


Our Moodle custom development team have the technical skill and experience to provide you with the unique features and enhancements your users demand for your site.

With a collection of some of the best creative and technical minds in the industry, our approach to any project is focused around the delivery of advanced functionality in combination with the right user experience.

From simple changes with core functionality to extensive extensions of Moodle, our team will clearly scope, develop, test and deploy your bespoke features with you.


Giving back to the Moodle Community

As a Moodle partner we love to share what code we can with the Moodle community. Our developers have contributed and continue to contribute plugins and enhancements, which are widely used by the community. These are available from and include:

  • Drag and drop
  • Checklist
  • Moodle theme (Splash)
  • PDF annotations (core in Moodle 2.6)
  • Coloured course formats




Example projects

We have deployed a large number of development projects providing new functionality, local plugins, enhanced features of core Moodle or integration with external systems. Development projects would include:

  • Custom reporting tools and dashboards – caching large volumes of data for speedy access
  • Enhanced site layouts – improving the Moodle interface to increase overall usability and structure
  • Sophisticated integration system integrating Moodle with an ordering and learner backoffice system
  • SSO developments between open source applications
  • Web services in conjunction with a Moodle 2 repository plugin to integrate with an online media management solution

Why our development?

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Bespoke sites – Code management

Making Moodle your own is one of the key benefits and advantages of an open-source project.

But it does require a little work…

With major Moodle versions being updated bi-annually and a general support lifecycle of 18 months for each new release, it’s imperative that your Moodle site is maintained and updated to remain secure.

With heavy reliance on third party plugins and bespoke developments your site can quickly fall outside of supported Moodle versions.

Synergy learning can help…

Any site we host or develop is managed under version control, using the same protocol as the Moodle HQ development team (GIT). This ensures that any developments or plugins added to your site are not lost during an upgrade and we carry out code-reviews of customisations to ensure compatibility with future versions before you upgrade your site.

If you have a Moodle site that requires code management or you would like to place your site under version control for ease of updating please do contact our team to discuss your requirements.