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Moodle Healthcheck

Get 100% performance from your Moodle


Is your Moodle slow and unresponsive? Are you worried about unauthorised access or losing data?

You can make sure you and your users are getting 100% performance and use of functionality from your Moodle using our Moodle Healthcheck; a comprehensive, 150 point diagnostic check-up of your Moodle system.

A review of how your Moodle performs, is structured and configured will be provided afterwards.

Our report and findings will provide you with a detailed analysis with recommendations on how to improve and obtain additional value from your Moodle site.

An expert Moodle technician generates a detailed report covering:

  • Moodle Performance
  • Moodle Security and Safety
  • Functionality and Accessibility System (Operating System, Database, Web Server, PHP)
  • Configuration suggestions
  • Usability of site and theme design