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The learning world needs Moodle, the best of the best. The best and the brightest.

Adapted from The Avengers

Moodle is the leading open source platform used by millions of schools, colleges, universities, charities and businesses, across the world for elearning.

Due to its flexible nature there are endless possibilities with this platform meaning that it can be built specifically around you and your learners’, to do exactly what you need it to do. If you want to build multiple online courses, interactive learning activities, online communities for collaboration or social sharing, Moodle’s your platform.

We’ve had a love affair with Moodle for many years and became an authorised Moodle Partner back in 2005. With our extensive knowledge and passion for this platform you can be confident that you have found the perfect eLearning partner to show you how to Moodle. Find out why we love Moodle so much.



Why we heart-yellow Moodle


Extensive options

Enhance your platform by adding 3rd party plugins built by the community or have your own developed.




Link to LDAP, your Student Information System or a 3rd party plugin to make Moodle interoperable with other systems.



 Automate marking

The tools in feature can automate marking to lighten teacher workload and also increase student motivation.




Moodle is proven as an excellent hub for schools and department to collaborate between departments.



 Mobile Moodle

Embrace mobile learning through your Moodle site with a responsive theme, automatically converting existing learning content into touchable resources and activities.



 24/7 access

Using our cloud based hosting solution, optimised for Moodle, students can access learning resources anywhere at anytime.



 Embed media

Embed multimedia to engage learners and also  to enable learners to demonstrate learning using multimedia.



 Quick to learn

One of our regional trainers can visit you onsite to upskill your technical staff on the Administration or provide your teaching staff with Course Creator skills.



Moodle Partner

Synergy Learning is a leading authorised Moodle provider across UK and Ireland.  With an office in Germany, this helps us to expand the reach of our expertise across Europe and further afield.

We are proud to have held Moodle partner status since 2005 and consider ourselves an active community member, always willing to contribute our expert resources and developments to the Moodle community, as well as financial funding to their HQ’s.  This ensures that Moodle continues it’s development and remains as the leading, free, open-source learning platform.

By selecting to work with Synergy Learning, you support the Moodle community. With our partner status you can also be sure to receive the highest level of support, knowledge and service with your Moodle platform.