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Humanity needs the skills that this technology will give them. Symbiosis is the only way.

Adapted from Doctor Octopus, Spiderman

What is Mahara?

Mahara is an eportfolio which can be best described as a valuable learning and assessment tool. It is a collection of work illustrating efforts, progress, accomplishments and details future goals.

It can be used by students,teachers & professionals who wish to;

  • collect work guided by learning objectives
  • record continuing personal development
  • display, showcase best work
  • assess/ monitor and evaluate student or employee learning

What’s good about Mahara, is that because it is stored in an online space, its users can collect, organise & display artefacts in many media types; audio, video, graphics & text.

Like Moodle, we have been staunch supporters of  Mahara for a long time, also gaining partner status in 2007. But why do we think it’s so great? Find out why we love Mahara.


Why we heart-green Mahara

Online Repository

Mahara includes a file repository which allows users to manage their own workload in their own time.

 Mobile Apps

Upload pre-existing content or make use of features on your phone, like camera and video to take and add new content to your portfolio.


Web pages constructed by users can be submitted for assessment and feedback, but also kept for personal use.

Lifelong learning

All material is yours for life.  You can export it and take it with you, and import it into other portfolios.


Social Learning

Allows you to create your own controlled groups and share ideas, files and thoughts with your own friends and colleagues.

CV Generator

Built in plugins for learning plans, CVs and CPD, help you organise your professional life and share with your tutors/managers and peers.



Language packs allow you to store pages in other languages for international sharing of information.


Mahara allows unlimited institutions who can all share and collaborate if they wish. Students can collaborate with local HE tutors and employees, all in one space.


Mahara Partner

The Open Source community for Mahara is steadily growing. Mahara’s architecture is inspired by the modular, extensible architecture of Moodle and the Mahara team has also been heavily involved in the Moodle community. We have a wealth of experience of successfully networking Moodle and Mahara platforms together as a single solution.

Being a Mahara partner since 2007, we know our stuff and can offer clients the most up-to- date and sound advice on their ePortfolio solution combined with social learning.